Private Debt: Expect the Unexpected

There hasn’t been a time in recent history when the economic environment has changed as extensively, or as quickly, as it did this spring. As recently as the beginning of March, it was difficult to foresee the full extent of what was just around the corner.

Of course, the economic fallout from the coronavirus crisis affects all asset classes. However, it may possibly have more of an impact on private debt than any of the others. With this in mind, we at IQ-EQ thought it worthwhile to publish this white paper, which examines the opportunities and potential pitfalls for this dynamic asset class in the immediate period ahead.

To feed into this paper, investors and managers spanning Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific with a combined overall AUM of $388 billion. were interviewed in the month of May and June 2020 for their views on the prospects of the private debt market given the recent economic dislocation. Their first-hand experience is complemented by a range of reputable industry sources that have been used in the preparation of this document.

We would like to thank everyone who gave up their time to participate in this study and share their perspectives and insights. We would also like to thank IFI Global for all of their support in this initiative.

We hope that you find our white paper to be an interesting and useful read.

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