Compliance technology that adapts to suit you (not the other way around)

MaxComply is a flexible, time-saving technology that empowers financial services firms to elevate compliance from a system to a strategy.
Stay a step ahead—even when you aren’t looking

Reduce compliance risks, streamline task flow, and minimise administrative efforts with MaxComply. Our seamless AML/KYC onboarding workflow is fully configurable to meet your organisation’s changing needs. A simple, customisable dashboard displays the information you need, when you need it. Calculate, monitor, and mitigate risk; send alerts; generate re-screenings; and automatically retain a complete audit trail, all without manual involvement.

Change as quickly as the world does

MaxComply supports global AML/KYC requirements and regulations, including regional sanctions, CTF requirements, and FATCA. Implement in your language of choice, deploy in as little as 24 hours, and provide round-the-clock device-neutral access, worldwide. Adapt in real time as regulations change and necessitate updated protocols.

Automated and scalable

Scale up as you grow with our fully integrated, adaptable platform. And be exactly as involved as you want to be: MaxComply is available as a fully outsourced managed SaaS, or as a SaaS solution. 


Why MaxComply?

With over 150 years of combined experience in regulatory technology, we’ve developed a unique understanding of financial services firms and the challenges they face:

  • Overburdened compliance officers
  • Cumbersome manual processes
  • Incomplete audit trails or missing documentation
  • Inflexible systems, unable to adapt to changing regulations

All of these challenges leave organisations vulnerable to risk, and businesses of any size face stiff penalties for getting it wrong.

We created MaxComply to empower our customers to focus on the larger vision of their organisations. We’re experts in compliance technology so you don’t have to be.


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